About CEWT

The Cambridge Exploratory Workshop on Testing (CEWT) is inspired by MEWT, DEWT, LEWT and others. We pinched this from LEWT:
CEWT is an exploratory peer workshop. We take the view that discussions are more interesting than lectures. We enjoy diverse ideas, and limit some activities in order to work with more ideas.
CEWT is about:
  • Cambridge: the local tester community; participants have been to recent Cambridge meetups.
  • Exploratory: beyond the topic there's no agenda; bring on the ideas.
  • Workshop: not lectures but discussion; not leaders but peers; not handouts but arms open.
  • Testing: and anything relevant to it.

CEWT participants get into the workshop in the following way:
  • we invite people who have been to a Cambridge tester meetup recently
  • participants are accepted in the order that their responses are received
  • ... and then invited to join the reserve list in order afterwards
  • we invite people who attended the previous CEWT
  • when a participant drops out, the reserves are offered that place, in order
  • when the reserves have run out we may try to find participants in other ways
We contributed to Peers Exchanging Ideas: The AST Guide to Peer Conferences which is a great resource for anyone interested in peer conference organisation.

The CEWT organisers are currently:
and previously included:

Finally, yes, we pronounce it "cute".