Saturday 16 January 2016

CEWT #2 is Coming!

CEWT #2 is scheduled for 28th February 2016 and will be hosted by Neil Younger at DisplayLink.

The topic is
When Testing Went Wrong: Company war stories would be great; thoughts on the testing community (or communities) are welcome; personal experiences and feelings are on the agenda too. We like open topics here at CEWT, so take this one in whatever direction you like.
To kick things off, here's some potential primers: what happened, from your perspective, when testing went wrong? How did the people involved cope with it? What actions were taken as a result of it? By who? Did they have the intended or hoped-for effect? How was the effect evaluated? What else could have been done? How did the experience make you feel? Were you actively involved, or an observer? Do you think that your own actions could or should have been different?
All places are taken, and we have a full reserve list too.

In other news, I'm delighted that Chris George has joined me on the organisational side and will be facilitating this time around.