Tuesday, 26 July 2016

CEWT #3 is Coming!

It'll be on 6th November 2016 at Jagex and the topic is:
Why do we Test, and What is Testing Anyway? Two questions you've probably seen asked, been asked, and are keen to ask. We bet you've read a bunch of standard answers to them too? Yeah, well, CEWT #3 won't be particularly concerned with those answers - unless you can tell us why, how, and where they don't or didn't work for you.

So what are we concerned with? As usual, we're all about ideas and our peers. We want the workshop to take the questions and the answers somewhere unexpected, somewhere thought-provoking, somewhere interesting and relevant, somewhere that we might not have been before, somewhere that we might want or need to go in future.

You can think about either or both of the questions in any way you like. Here's a few starting points:

Why do we test? Why do you test? Why does your company have testers? Maybe your company doesn't have testers? Maybe only on certain projects? On certain kinds of project? Who decides? Why? Should this question be fundamental to testers? Or is it OK to just test whatever we're asked to test?

What is testing anyway? Is there one definition that accurately captures what you do in your job? What counts as a testing activity for you? Is your day job only made up of testing activities? Are you testing at other times? Are people in other roles testing alongside you? Is that good or bad? When? Why?
We're trying a new format for CEWT #3 motivated by the retrospective we held at the end of CEWT #2. The major change is that we'll have more participants but fewer speakers. You can read about our thought process in Iterate to Accumulate.