Thursday 30 November 2017

CEWT #5 is Coming!

The fifth Cambridge Exploratory Workshop on Testing, CEWT #5, will be on 28th January 2018, hosted by Linguamatics.

The topic is
Theory Over Practice or Practice Over Theory?
Do you prefer experience or expertise? Do you simply dive in or do you first scope out? Do your skills get sharpened on the job or in your head? Do we just need to get along and get on with it or are the semantics worth getting straight? Is the view from the coalface more valuable than the one from the library? 
The participants in CEWT #5 will be asked to consider the pros and cons of testing theory compared to testing practice. Perhaps there'll be stories about when one was critical or caused the project to go off the rails. Maybe we'll hear how it's possible to balance the two and what kinds of factors make a difference in doing that.
We might consider whether it's a balance across a team rather than a person. We might wonder whether it's possible to test without any testing theory, and what advantages that might confer. We might define a core set of theoretical concepts that we think are fundamental. Or we might not.
As usual, the topic is deliberately open and the discussion we want is open-ended and open-minded.

Note: this is not an open call for participants. We try to support the local testing community by inviting those who've attended other Cambridge meetups recently first.