Friday 15 June 2018

CEWT #6 is Coming!

The sixth Cambridge Exploratory Workshop on Testing, CEWT #6, will be on 23rd September 2018, hosted by Roku. The topic is
What Makes Good Testers and/or Testing?
How do you know when you’ve done a good job? How do you know when others think you’ve done a good job? Whose opinion matters, anyway? When you describe someone, including yourself, as a good tester what do you mean? In what ways good, and good compared to what?
At CEWT #6 we’ll be asking these questions and more, and wondering whether there are any characteristics of goodness that are universal (or even reasonably general) that we can apply to help us to assess ourselves and our testing. (Assuming we want to.)
As usual, the topic is deliberately open and the discussion we want is open-ended and open-minded.

Note: this is not an open call for participants. We try to support the local testing community by inviting those who've attended other Cambridge meetups recently first.