Thursday, 13 September 2018

CEWT #6 Abstracts

The sixth Cambridge Exploratory Workshop on Testing, CEWT #6, will be on 23rd September 2018, hosted by  Roku. The topic is
What Makes Good Testers and/or Testing?
Here's the abstracts:

Chris Kelly, Is it possible to measure good testing?

Customer facing teams can use tools like Customer Satisfaction surveys, employing formulae like Net Promoter Scores. But what do testers have?

Aleksander Simic, Good or good-enough testing?

How can we know if we are ready for, we are doing or we did a 'good testing'? What can we do to prepare for 'good testing' and how can we improve it? Who can judge about it?

Helen Stokes and Claire Banks, Different Perspectives

An exploration into the different perspectives of good testing/tester from a test engineer and a test managers.  Working through two case studies for both sides, to see where they overlap and where differ.

Karo Stoltzenburg, A Life Less Ordinary

It's a truth universally acknowledged, that a good tester must have attention to detail, is of a curious nature, thinks outside the box, likes to break things (sic!) and is a fiendish asker of questions. Admirable qualities. Must haves. At least that's what the job adverts, our colleagues, social media and the internet tells us. But is this really it? And is this necessarily helpful?

James Thomas, Testing vs Chicken

In this talk I'll assume that we know what good testing is (for our context, at this time) and wonder how we can judge, during recruitment, that a person being interviewed for a role at our company could do that good testing for us.

Neil Younger, What’s so special about a tester anyway?

I'll be talking though my first attempt at expanding what it means to be a senior tester at DisplayLink. I will provide some examples for the following sections; Technical, Your Team, Sharing, and the business. This is my view for my context, it's imperfect and incomplete, but I hope will promote lively discussion around what it could mean to be a good tester.